We’re pleased to announce The CasperArmy.org validator node has arrived!


Our machine is hosted on a dedicated server just for our node, see our specification below:

- AMD Ryzen ™ 9 3900
-12 Cores
- Matisse (Zen2)
- Simultaneous Multithreading
- Virtualization (AMD-V)
- 128 GB DDR4 ECC
- 2 x 1.92 TB NVMe
- Bandwidth: 1 Gbit / s


The CasperArmy node is powered by energy derived entirely from renewable sources, learn more here (https://www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/umweltschutz/).


The validator fee will be 4% and will never be increased.

Our validator fee will be put back into CasperArmy to help its growth.

Points System

By staking your CSPR with CasperArmy your community points will increase. The more points you have will bring larger benefits on the CasperArmy.org platform (http://casperarmy.org/).

- Access to larger allocations of project incubated by casperarmy.org.
- Better queue position for sales.
- Airdrops of our ‘Army Call-up Ticket’ which grants you access to our CasperArmy (https://casperarmy.io/) NFT sale (https://litepaper.casperarmy.io/)
- More to be announced.

CasperArmy.org is a community platform, DAO, Venture Capital and incubator hub for projects starting on the Casper network, learn more on our Medium (https://medium.com/@CasperArmy)

The minimum number of CSPR delegated that will be recognised in the scoring system is 5,000 CSPR.

Stake with CasperArmy and earn extra benefits soldiers!